OK-TAC: March 04, 2010 Legislative Alert

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HB2317, by Rep. Wright, Creating the OK Enumerated Powers Act has not yet been put on the House Calendar.

Tuesday is a cutoff so calls are needed ASAP to floor leader Rep. Tad Jones.

Politely ask him to  put HB2317 on the Floor Calendar – asap – and to vote yes for this bill.
Rep. Tad Jones
(405) 557-7380
House Dist. 9, (Claremore)
Term Limited: 2010
Running for State Labor Commissioner in 2010

Bill Summary

The introduced version of HB2317 creates the Oklahoma Enumerated Powers Act, which states that any act taken by the Oklahoma Legislature must have a concise explanation that cites how the Legislature’s action is authorized by both the Oklahoma and United States constitutions.


Attention to all of Oklahoma Constitution-respecting citizens that believe in the 2nd Amendment:

This year our state legislators had an opportunity to take Oklahoma forward when it comes to defending every Oklahoma citizen’s Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.  Open Carry would allow law abiding Oklahoman citizens to openly carry a sidearm if they wanted to do so.  But, unfortunately, State Representative Sue Tibbs (Tulsa), the committee that the Open Carry bills are assigned to, the House Judicial & Public Safety Committee, has single-handily held those bills up. Because of pressure brought to bear by freedom loving Oklahomans, Representative Tibbs promised she would run an Open Carry bill.  After obtaining a copy of the bill, she watered down the bill and is not living up to her promise.  The bill she has offered up doesn’t even amount to taking a baby step in the right direction.  It simply is not enough.  We have another opportunity to add open carry.

Representative Reynolds has a shot at adding an amendment for an open carry bill.

Open Carry is about protecting one’s person and property and it is about our Constitutional rights! Repeat, CONSITUTIONAL RIGHT.

Please call or email Representative Sue Tibbs and all committee members

Here are the committee members emails:

Sue Tibbs” <suetibbs@okhouse.gov>, “Wallace Collins” <wallace.collins@okhouse.gov>, “Glen Smithson” <glensmithson@okhouse.gov>, “Steve Martin” <stevemartin@okhouse.gov>, “Chuck Hoskin” <chuck.hoskin@okhouse.gov>, “Randy McDaniel” <randy.mcdaniel@okhouse.gov>, “Leslie Osborn” <leslie.osborn@okhouse.gov>, “Paul Roan” <paulroan@okhouse.gov>, “Todd Thomsen” <todd.thomsen@okhouse.gov>, “Mike Ritze” <mike.ritze@okhouse.gov>, “Jason Murhpey” <jason.murphey@okhouse.gov>, mark.mccullough@okhouse.gov.

The ones that voted against us last time, pound them for their vote last time and tell them this is their chance to make amends:

Sue Tibbs                  (405) 557-7379
Steve Martom            (405) 557-7402
Wallace Collins         (405) 557-7386
Glenn Bud Smithson  (405) 557-7315
Chuck Hoskin            (405) 557-7319
Randy McDainel         (405) 557-7409
Leslie Osborn             (405) 557-7333
Paul Roan                  (405) 557-7308
Todd Thompsen          (405) 557-7336

The ones that are on our side, just thank them for their last vote and ask that they support Ritze’s amendment.

Mark McCullough   (405) 557-7414
Jason Murphy        (405) 557-7350
Mike Ritze             (405) 557-7338

Over 20% of the states in this country authorize the Open Carry of firearms with legislation in bold print. Who would ever think that Oklahoma would deny its citizens this Right that was enumerated 2nd-in-line by our Founding Fathers?

HJR1054, the Obama care opt out bill that Ritze, Reynolds, and Brodgdon authored, is scheduled on the Floor Calendar.
Please email the entire House roster and ask that this bill make it to a vote and ask for each and every Representative’s vote for the bill.  Remember that when you mass email using the Bcc field, use “Representative” as the greeting so you can send one email to 101 representatives.  Each email will have to be read and counted, the message will get through.  Here are the emails again ready to copy and paste into the Bcc field:

donarmes@okhouse.gov, johnauffet@okhouse.gov , , chrisbenge@okhouse.gov, garybanz@okhouse.gov, lisajbilly@okhouse.gov, gusblackwell@okhouse.gov, neilbrannon@okhouse.gov, mikebrown@okhouse.gov, sam.buck@okhouse.gov, ed.cannaday@okhouse.gov, johncarey@okhouse.gov, mike.christian@okhouse.gov, wallace.collins@okhouse.gov, anncoody@okhouse.gov, mariancooksey@okhouse.gov, dougcox@okhouse.gov, david.dank@okhouse.gov, leedenney@okhouse.gov, david.derby@okhouse.gov, daledewitt@okhouse.gov, joedorman@okhouse.gov, rexduncan@okhouse.gov, john.enns@okhouse.gov, george.faught@okhouse.gov, eddie.fields@okhouse.gov, larryglenn@okhouse.gov, rebeccahamilton@okhouse.gov, terryharrison@okhouse.gov, jwhickman@okhouse.gov, corey.holland@okhouse.gov, weshilliard@okhouse.gov, chuck.hoskin@okhouse.gov, , scott.inman@okhouse.gov, mikejackson@okhouse.gov, shanejett@okhouse.gov, dennis.johnson@okhouse.gov, tadjones@okhouse.gov, fred.jordan@okhouse.gov, charlie.joyner@okhouse.gov, sallykern@okhouse.gov, charles.key@okhouse.gov, kiesel@okhouse.gov, dan.kirby@okhouse.gov,steve.kouplen@okhouse.gov,luckylamons@okhouse.gov, guyliebmann@okhouse.gov, ken.luttrell@okhouse.gov, scott.martin@okhouse.gov, stevemartin@okhouse.gov, al.mcaffrey@okhouse.gov, mark.mccullough@okhouse.gov, jeanniemcdaniel@okhouse.gov, randy.mcdaniel@okhouse.gov, skye.mcniel@okhouse.gov, jerrymcpeak@okhouse.gov, lewis.moore@okhouse.gov,kenmiller@okhouse.gov, dannymorgan@okhouse.gov, richardmorrissette@okhouse.gov, jason.murphey@okhouse.gov, billnations@okhouse.gov,
Jason.nelson@okhouse.gov,charles.ortega@okhouse.gov, leslie.osborn@okhouse.gov,pat.ownbey@okhouse.gov, ronpeters@okhouse.gov, pampeterson@okhouse.gov, anastasia.pittman@okhouse.gov, eric.proctor@okhouse.gov, rcpruett@okhouse.gov, brian.renegar@okhouse.gov, mikereynolds@okhouse.gov, philrichardson@okhouse.gov, mike.ritze@okhouse.gov, paulroan@okhouse.gov, todd.russ@okhouse.gov, waderousselot@okhouse.gov, mike.sanders@okhouse.gov, colby.schwartz@okhouse.gov, Seneca.scott@okhouse.gov,earl.sears@okhouse.gov, tw.shannon@okhouse.gov, mikeshelton@okhouse.gov, bensherrer@okhouse.gov, jerryshoemake@okhouse.gov, jabarshumate@okhouse.gov, glensmithson@okhouse.gov, krissteele@okhouse.gov, danielsullivan@okhouse.gov, randyterrill@okhouse.gov, mikethompson@okhouse.gov, todd.thomsen@okhouse.gov, suetibbs@okhouse.gov, johntrebilcock@okhouse.gov, , purcywalker@okhouse.gov, weldon.watson@okhouse.gov, paulwesselhoft@okhouse.gov, cory.williams@okhouse.gov, Harold.wright@okhouse.gov, johnwright@okhouse.gov
In liberty, Wayne

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